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Ever thought about starting your own business?

Put yourself in the picture with Startup NZ.

Starting a business is a common goal for many New Zealanders but often the biggest barrier is just knowing what's involved or how to even get started.

The good news is that entrepreneurship can be learnt and if you're committed, you too can achieve your goals of lifestyle, impact and abundance. 

Whether you're just starting out or you've already started, we believe every Kiwi deserves the chance to give their business building dreams their best shot.

Let Startup NZ support your entrepreneurial journey with the right information, inspiration and connections from day one.

Seeking 500 enterprising Kiwis!

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The first intake of the 2019 Startup NZ Entrepreneurs Programme starts online nationwide on October 1. Before then we're seeking 500 enterprising Kiwis to take the first lesson on us, and tell us what you think.
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Welcome to Startup NZ

A message from our founder

Richard Liew, founder and presenter at Startup NZ

Why this programme?

Developed in consultation with business owners, mentors and startup experts, Startup NZ is an inspiring and informative 'first step' programme to prepare new business owners mentally and emotionally for the business building journey.

  • Decide if starting a business is for you

  • Understand the business startup process

  • Discover key principles of entrepreneurship

  • Learn from entrepreneurs and startup experts

  • Avoid common new business mistakes

  • Find and validate business ideas

Programme Overview

  • Who should apply?

    Startup NZ is for all Kiwis who want to learn about starting a business, big or small. You don't need business experience, qualifications or a business idea.

  • How long does it take?

    The programme is delivered online over 12 weeks with one lesson and one optional webinar per week. Completion requires a commitment of 1 - 2 hours per week.

  • How much does it cost?

    Startup NZ has been designed to deliver maximum impact at an affordable price. Fees are just $287.50 for the entire 12 week programme.

First cohort begins 1 October 2019

Register by 9pm Monday 30 September

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Sandy Geyer; Entrepreneur, Author & Trainer

"Very valuable workshop for entrepreneurs"

Sandy Geyer; Entrepreneur, Author & Trainer

"For those considering starting their own business and feeling overwhelmed by the process this lesson is exactly what you need. It's designed in a conversational manner with specific direction to valuable activities and resources, all helpful in making a decision to proceed further or not."
Simone Stewart; Startup Founder, Manawatu

"Fills a gap in the startup space"

Simone Stewart; Startup Founder, Manawatu

"Startup NZ’s programme fills a gap in the startup space, especially the foundational information on mindset, purpose and what it takes to be a founder. With more facts and less fluff, it gets real about the journey ahead."

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