Participant Feedback

“This first lesson stepped into my head and felt as though someone had my back to moving forward with business.” - Joleen, Queenstown

“Thorough explanations that are clear, concise and easy to understand.” - Danielle, Rotorua

“I feel so inspired and the vision is getting clearer on the direction I need to take to make my dream come true.” - Marcia, Coromandel

“Great examination and exploration of the personal reasons and motivations for being an entrepreneur that often are not addressed elsewhere.” - Grant, Auckland

“Your course is revolutionising my attitude towards money.” - Lauren, Auckland

“I've read a lot about starting a business and being an entrepreneur, however going through this material presented it in a whole new way. It was great to truly understand what entrepreneurship is all about and it's not what you might think.” - Rachel, Wellington

“Really enjoyed the first lesson and gained a lot of valuable knowledge from it!” - Erin, Wanaka

“Helpful and valuable information. Well presented. Easy to follow and understand. Thank you!” - Michelle, Auckland

Really enjoyed it (had a few laughs along the way!) and gave real food for thought - a real look at what it's like in the start up phases, the challenges one is likely to face and how to identify such as being very normal.” - Kelle, Wanaka

“Enabled me to sit down and begin to answer the hard questions that I've been avoiding in starting a business but also a nice introduction to begin to delve into the world of an entrepreneur.” - Marama, Auckland

“Worthwhile if you’re not sure if you want to go into business, but have thought about it.” - Rohan, New Zealand

“Great to learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset, always good to reflect on your reasons why.” - Mary, Wellington

“Loved it! Richard details his presentation in such a clear and informative way. It has inspired me to think in ways I hadn't challenged myself on before.” - Nikki, Auckland

Programme Curriculum

The Startup NZ Entrepreneurs Programme consists of weekly online lessons including video, text and interactive content such as quizzes and self assessments. 

Start and take lessons whenever you like from the comfort of home - all you need is an internet connection, an open mind and willingness to learn!  

Participants will also learn from indepth weekly interviews with our guest entrepreneurs and subject experts when we talk to them about how they went about building their businesses, and get their advice on subjects from personal productivity to raising capital, to spotting good business ideas and marketing.

A full explanation of the programme structure and contents is included in the first free lesson.

Programme Section 1 - Entrepreneurial Mindset

Lesson 1 [Free] - Entrepreneurial Purpose

Lesson 2 - Belief Systems

Lesson 3 - Role of the Entrepreneur

Lesson 4 - Value Creation

Lesson 5 - Self Awareness

Programme Section 2 - Startup Process

Lesson 6 - The Startup Process

Lesson 7 - Business Ideas

Lesson 8 - Business Modelling

Lesson 9 - Validating Your Idea

Programme Section 3 - Preparing for Launch

Lesson 10 - Team Building

Lesson 11 - Funding

Lesson 12 - Marketing and Preparing for Launch

Bonus Lesson - Meet the Ecosystem

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